Is it the heat or the humidity?

Is it the heat or the humidity?

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Monday marked the 14th straight day of 100 degree plus temperatures in Tyler. This is closing in on the record 16 days set in 1980. Longview has already surpassed its record currently at 12 consecutive days.

Here's some more statistics: 
The average temperature in Tyler since June 28th is 102, with the humidity standing at an average 33%.
Compare that to last years average high at 90, while the humidity is quite a bit higher, at 61%. 
Longview has an average high of 102 since June 30th, with the humidity means at 31%. Last year was a different story, a high of 89 with the humidity at 71%.

Surprisingly though Dr. Michael Williams tells us there is not an unusually high number of heat related illnesses.

"As a rule, if were exposed to heat and its drier, that's relatively better than if were exposed to more humid conditions, so the heat is still a problem, but its actually a bit of a benefit or a blessing that its going to be less humid, " said Dr. Williams.

He explained how the body has many sweat glands that act to cool the body down.

"The point of them is when they secrete a little bit of moisture onto our skin, as it evaporates it provides a cooling to our body," said Dr. Williams.

This summer continues to be one of the hottest and driest summers on record, and there is not much relief in the near future.

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