Dash cam video of 2nd DWI arrest of Van Zandt Co. commissioner

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) -Canton police have released the video from a county commissioner's second DWI arrest.

Van Zandt County Commissioner Ricky LaPrade is charged with DWI. It's his second DWI arrest this year. The first was in April.

In the dash cam video released by Canton Police Department you can see what happened as officers waited to give LaPrade a sobriety test.

During the stop, the officer asks if he can search LaPade's vehicle for open containers.
LaPrade says no and accuses Canton police of targeting him.

Officer: This is not anything against you, Mr. Laprade, ok, it's really not.
LaPrade: You know what it is
Officer: I hadn't seen the paper Friday.
LaPrade: You've heard.
Officer: No, sir, I haven't.
LaPrade: Yes you have.
Officer: No I really haven't.
LaPrade: Yes, officer, you have
Officer: This is the first time I've worked in the last month and a half.
LaPrade: It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if this is the first time you've worked or not. You know what's going on.
Officer: I understand. I know you were arrested a few months ago.
LaPrade: You know I was arrested Friday.
Officer: No, sir, I didn't.

They continue to argue.
Then, again, LaPrade questions the officer's motives behind pulling him over.

LaPrade: Are you with the city?
Officer: Yes sir

LaPrade: Then what are you doing out here?

Officer: Our city limits go all the way up to--
LaPrade: What'd you stop me for?
Officer: because you ran the stop sign. And then when you turned, you turned your blinker on in the middle of the intersection, Ricky
LaPrade: I'd seen you coming and I said, that is a cop. I thought you were a DPS officer.
Officer: well why didn't you stop?
LaPrade: I did stop!!

Finally the DPS trooper arrives to conduct the field sobriety test.
Canton police move their car behind the trooper's, which is why you can't see the test taking place. When LaPrade failed, he was taken to the Van Zandt County Jail.

The dash cam video from the DPS car does shows LaPrade's sobriety test. However, the Van Zandt County District Attorney is currently holding it as evidence.

Now Van Zandt County resident, Dwayne Jones has filed a petition with the Van Zandt County District Clerk's Office to have him removed as precinct 1 commissioner.

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