Heat affects Businesses

Heat affects Businesses

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- With the 100-plus degree heat streak now nearly two weeks long,things have turned not just uncomfortable, but also costly for businesses. From parks to sporting fields, even lakes, few are braving the 100-plus degree temperatures these days. Bad news for places like Longview Trade Days which depend on shoppers getting outside.

"It can go as high as 120 degrees out on that blacktop, there are bodies here but the buying isn't exactly what we'd hoped it would be," says trade days vendor Carmen Wagner.

Vendors depend on the one weekend a month for income.

"Couldn't stand the heat, its too hot, so I'd rather come inside and than go outside and do anything," says shopper Joyce Jackson.

But the midway has few walking around and because of the heat many vendors even decided to pack it in themselves.

"Normally about 220 vendors outside , we probably have about 40 outside right now, the heat really has been impacting us out here," says trade days manager Billy Clay.

Their only hope is that the heat will ease.

"Everybody right now is suffering with the heat going on outside, but we're all going to stick together and tough it out and we'll get through it," Clay says.

Trade Days organizers hope the weather eases before their biggest event of the year, the Gregg County Fair in September.

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