A championship trophy, 57 years later...

A championship trophy, 57 years later...

MALAKOFF, TX (KLTV) - Fifty-seven years ago, their story began.

"They were good friends, turned out they were a great team."

Led by coach Carl Anderson, the Malakoff Colored School won the 1954, Class B State Championship.

"when that final buzzer hit, I don't know what I thought," said Anderson, now 93 years old, "It was not a surprise, but it was the greatest thrill I guess I have ever had."

But in the years following their title, the world would change.

The colored school would integrate with the local white school, and Malakoff would build a new high school,

Meanwhile, the symbol of their championship, their title trophy, was nearly lost.

"The superintendent had called me and they had taken most of the black school trophies and other trophies out of the loft," said Homer Ray Trimble, the President of the schools Alumni Association, "He said they had a basketball, and they had no room for it."

So for years, the trophy was rarely seen, rarely able to tell it's story.

Until now.

Thanks to the work of the current school and the community, and brand new, shining symbol of success was unveiled, to now sit in the high school for all to see.

"Any state championship is an honor," said Malakoff ISD Assistant Superintendent Sybil Norris, "And that our students have something to look for, as role models, it will be very important to remind them of what was done in the past."

"It is hard to forget the past, but now that it has come to the present," said Rosaland Richardson, who's father played on the '54 team, "It is even more beautiful, and we will take it on, we will take it on and embrace it."

So nearly six decades later, the circle is complete, the final chapter, symbolized by two trophies, that will now tell this teams story, for all-time.

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