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Better East Texas: Casey Anthony trial

By Pat Stacey

Disbelief, shock and anger were just a few of the emotions expressed by people across the nation at the not-guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial.  Even the casual observer of the proceedings in this case felt that justice had not been served. 

Trial lawyers will tell you is it their job to explore every angle and that is exactly what this defense team did, and did effectively.  The defense muddied the water enough to bring reasonable doubt to the charge that Casey Anthony committed murder.  So the defense team did its job, what about the jury. 

It may take a few weeks but you can bet, at some point the jury will start talking and eventually, I predict, the family will give that coveted first interview.  So that interview with the family member or the jury will be the big "get" of the year. 

You can't help but draw comparisons to the O. J. Simpson murder trial where again, it seems that a guilty person literally got away with murder.  We may never know on this earth what the full story is, but do know that there will be those that will try to capitalize on the legal proceedings surrounding the murder of this little girl and that may be the biggest tragedy of all. 

It won't happen, but this circus tent needs to be folded up quickly so that no one makes a buck on Caylee Anthony's death.

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