ETX animal cruelty case ends with mutual agreement

ETX animal cruelty case ends with mutual agreement

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - After holding hostage over forty animals outside in the heat, and in filthy conditions, an East Texas woman signed the ownership of all the animals to the SPCA of Texas.

On June 28 the SPCA of Texas, under the authority of Van Zandt County Sheriff's Department, seized the forty one cruelly confined animals -- 38 dogs and puppies, two turtles and one bird from a Wills Point residence.

The owner of the animals, Peggy Weaver showed up to Judge Kirkpatrick's courtroom this morning for a court hearing. Weaver, the SPCA of Texas, and the Sheriff's came to an agreement to waive Weaver's civil fees, and Weaver surrendered the ownership of the animals.

Van Zandt County Sheriff's arrested Weaver after the decision came to a close, on a separate charge. She had a warrant for arrest for theft.

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