Resident petitions for LaPrade to be removed from office

Resident petitions for LaPrade to be removed from office

VAN ZANDT COUNTY (TX)- The Van Zandt County District Attorney said a resident filed a petition Tuesday to get Commissioner Ricky LaPrade removed from office, but that petition isn't currently a threat to the commissioner.

The petition filed by Dwayne Jones cites the alleged grounds for Ricky LaPrade's removal as official misconduct and intoxication on or off duty. The petition references the commissioner's arrests in both April and July.

Van Zandt County District Attorney Chris Martin said the petition was drafted properly, but there's one problem.

Martin tells KLTV in a press release, "After reviewing the petition and speaking with Mr. Jones, I discovered that the petition had not been filed with the district judge through the district clerk's office".

"All petitions for removal of office are filed in the district clerk's office. It's my understanding that a resident from Van Zandt County can come and file it and as of today we have not received one," said Van Zandt County District Clerk Karen Wilson.

Jones isn't the only Van Zandt County resident who thinks LaPrade should be removed from his post.

"I just feel as an elected official you have a responsibility to conduct yourself because people are looking up to you.. especially younger kids," said Sam Cobb, a resident of the precinct commissioner LaPrade resides over.

But in his hometown of Grand Saline, LaPrade isn't loosing much support.

"I think he's doing a fine job. Probably getting a little picked on, getting a bad wrap drinking, but gosh everyone in town I think drinks a little bit," said Chester Yant who also lives in LaPrade's precinct.

No one answered the door when KLTV stopped by LaPrade's house this afternoon.

Jones chose not to talk to KLTV today about his petition. However, if the petition is re-filed though the Van Zandt County District Clerk it will then be passed on to District Judge Teresa Drum for approval.

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