Sheriff: Churches become target of copper thieves

Sheriff: Churches become target of copper thieves

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - More than a dozen churches are engulfed in a storm of air conditioning theft.

Sunny Carson is the pastor the New Beginning Church.  It is one of thirteen churches across East Texas to be left in the heat by AC theft.  And, it was hit twice in one week.

Trinity Fellowship also had its AC stolen.

"We're in desperate times and I guess desperate people do desperate things," said Kerry Kirkwood, pastor of Trinity Fellowship.

The Smith County Sheriff's Department says the churches are easy targets and the one's stealing from them are looking to make a profit.  The department also says catching those responsible is their number one priority.

In the meantime, New Beginning has fenced off and chained down their AC units. Trinity Fellowship is monitoring theirs with a security camera and captured a glimpse of the thief.

Smith County Sheriff's say the key to catching the thief is in the eyes and the ears of the community.

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