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Gift of Love: Asia

It was an afternoon of fun and laughter as Asia and I tried our best at a game of Putt-Putt. It has been hard for this 11 year old to make the transition into adoption and she still has her reservations. However, Asia wants to give it a try! Asia just finished the 5th grade and she says she is doing well in most of her classes.

Asia says she really enjoys learning, especially, "science and math. I like to do math," Asia said.

Asia enjoys learning so much that she hopes to become an elementary school teacher one day.

When not at school, Asia likes to, "just relax at home and hang out," Asia said.

She also likes volleyball and soccer.

"I'm going to volleyball camp this summer," Asia said.

Asia also has fun being involved in her church youth group.

As we make our way around the course, Asia tells me she's not a picky eater.

"My least favorite is peas and my most favorite is a lot," Asia said. Which includes nachos, pizza and lasagna.

Unlike most girls her age, if Asia had three wishes, she just wants a happy family but she also wants to meet a superstar!

"To see Justin Bieber, to be with my mom again and to have a happy life," Asia said.

When it comes to her forever family, Asia says she doesn't really care about money, wants to live in a city, go places and she would like her own room. Asia says she wants a "fair family."

"Just one that treats everyone the same," Asia said.

Asia says she would like an adoptive family with a single mom who will take care of her and she'd love to have younger brothers and sisters. Asia also has siblings placed in a relative's home with whom she maintains contact. It's important to Asia that this relationship continues.

This young girl is so full of life. Now all she needs is a family to share it with, a family that can show her the Gift of Love.

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