Gift of Love: Brandon

Gift of Love: Brandon

It was an afternoon of at the bowling lanes for Brandon. He just finished the first grade and enjoys school. Brandon loves being around other people and is very responsible.

His favorite classes include, "I like recess. What else? Lunch," Brandon said.

Brandon tells me he really likes burritos.

Brandon has had trouble with boundaries with other children. He needs supervision and will need counseling to address past abuse and neglect and exposure to violence. Brandon needs a family that will be able to help him learn to trust adults and learn appropriate social behaviors. He also needs a family to show him the love and joy in life.

Brandon hopes that includes, "go fishing!" Brandon said

Brandon also told me his favorite color is blue and that he likes coyotes. As for his future, Brandon is thinking outside of the box.

"What do you want to be when you grow up? A ninja!" Brandon said.

Bravado likes to be active and enjoys sports and is very good at making a basket in basketball.

"Play basketball, ride my bike, ride my 3 wheeler. I ride my 3 wheeler and my bike fast," Brandon said.

Brandon is the oldest of four. He loves being a big brother and enjoys visiting with his siblings. Due to each of the children's needs, the recommendation is for the children to be placed separately. But Brandon will still need to be able to remain in contact with his siblings. This six year old hopes his forever family will step forward to show him the Gift of Love.