Amputee dog arrives back in East Texas

Amputee dog arrives back in East Texas

TYLER, TX  (KLTV) -  One-year-old Harley's leg was broken after he was hit by a car about seven months ago. And to make matters worse, his injured leg got tangled in his tether-stripping the leg of the skin.

He was taken to Dallas by the SPCA of East Texas. There, his leg was amputated because it was beyond repair.

It wasn't an easy decision for Deborah Dobbs of the SPCA to make. But she knows it was the right one.

Harley is already walking on three legs but he still has three weeks of rehab before he can begin to live a normal life. Then he will be looking for his forever home.

"He's a very gentle, loving dog.  He is easy to get attached to," said Dobbs.

The SPCA of East Texas hopes to establish an emergency fun to help other dogs in dire need.

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