JROTC Gets A Formal Inspection By The Army

They are the future men and women of the armed forces. The JROTC program at Longview high school has nearly 200 members. Wednesday the US Army made a formal inspection of the JROTC unit.

For weeks they've been practicing for this one day, the inspection by the US Army. "The army comes down and inspects us as a whole platoon and they go back and grade us," says one student.

They're judged on their drills and flag presentation. Also, one by one, the major approaches the cadets with a couple of questions. "I'm going to ask you a couple of questions and you're all done. Who's the commander in chief," says Major James Ferrell. The nervous and soft spoken cadet answered correctly.

"This is my first year as drill team commander to do this. It made me kind of nervous. They were all nervous and the major understands that. He even tried to ease their fears just a bit. "Did you have lunch today? What did you have? Taco salad?"

The presentations of Wednesday are just a slice of what these cadets have learned from the JROTC. "I've learned patience, how to deal with my peers. Also, good leadership roles," says one cadet.

The students won't have another chance to be inspected for three years. The JROTC cadets were graded on their drill and flag presentation and how well each member answered questions. Although the final scores aren't in, he says the students did very well.

Amy Tatum reporting.