Better East Texas: Violent video games

Better East Texas: Violent video games

By Pat Stacey

The United States Supreme Court handed down a ruling recently that struck down a proposed California law that would have prohibited the sale of violent video games to minors.

The Court said it was essentially a restriction on the freedom of speech.

I don't see how we can restrict minors access to R rated films but producers of these violent games are able to, without restriction, sell these games that contain R-rated violence.

So these game producers are now free to target these young people who will not just sit and watch the games, but actually partake in the violence-filled action carrying out everything from heinous crimes to sex and drug-themed street scenes.  And proponents feel this will not have an effect on our kids?  So now when I drop my child off at a friend's house, I now have to check which Wii games the friend has.

It just doesn't make sense that this would not have been found constitutional.  The court did not indicate whether a more specific law would be upheld so perhaps there is hope but we have to draw a line somewhere and some video games need to be off limits for our kids, and that will make for a Better East Texas.