Better East Texas: Texting/driving veto

Better East Texas: Texting/driving veto

By Pat Stacey:

Governor Rick Perry recently used his veto to kill a bill approved by the republican majority state legislature that would make it illegal to text and drive.

It kind of seems like a waste of time that the Republican legislators would go through the effort of passing a bill only to have the Republican Governor veto it.  So it tells me that the bill was more symbolic than anything, but still a waste of time.

Governor Perry is not a fan of big government and he cited that and the difficulty in enforcing the law as reasons for the veto.

The challenge to address this now falls to local governments to consider and pass local laws.  This is already being addressed in at least one city in east Texas.  So from the driver's perspective, we will probably have varying local ordinances that will result in confused drivers.

Now, don't misunderstand me, texting and driving is a bad idea but there will now be pockets across the state where there is no law and then other locales where it is illegal to text and drive, or even use a cell phone while driving, or still others that say it is OK to use your phone while stopped at a traffic light – ultimately a lot of variables.  So truly trying to solve this locally will not help the issue, it needs to be revisited by the state, and that will make for a Better East Texas.