Flags fly, but not just on the 4th

TYLER (TX)- It's not uncommon to see U.S. flags flying all throughout the city each Fourth of July holiday.
But one organization in Tyler is putting in some extra work to make sure flags fly high on more holidays.

Hundreds of flags fly throughout the city. Some are in neighborhoods and others are honoring loved ones in Rose Hill Cemetery.

"We have over 800 flags in various parts of the city. We started in 2008... started putting flags up and it's just grown since then," said Ed Barry.

Barry is the president of the McClendon House Board.

McClendon house is a historic home in Tyler that is supported by this flag fundraiser.

"It's been a very profitable and a good venture of the McClendon House and It's been a good venture for us. It's helped us preserve the house and restore the house. It's our major fundraiser," said Barry.

Barry said people can subscribe to the fundraiser and volunteers will install the flags at their homes.

"We put them up 6 times a year... Presidents Day, Memorial day, Flag Day and Independence Day. They usually stay up about a week and then we take them down," he said.

"People are very interested in the flags and they really appreciate when they see them up. It helps them to remember their patriotism and in the cemetery it helps them honor their loved ones," Barry said.

The flags come down on the 5th, but they'll be up again to honor Labor Day.

If you're interested in subscribing to the flag fundraiser you can contact Ed Barry at the McClendon House.