Longview hosts a patriotic protest this Fourth of July weekend

Longview hosts a patriotic protest this Fourth of July weekend

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Members and east Texas supporters of the tea party group 'We the People' hosted a rally in Longview, Saturday.

It was called the 'End Dependence, on Independence' rally and held on the lawn of the Gregg County courthouse.

"We continue to do this because we need to have our government responsible to the people," said Mike Schwartz, a Tea Party supporter. "The government is out of control to some degree--the spending, the budget, the laws that they push--[lawmakers] are not listening to the people."

Organizers said their goal is to end what they consider a federal bureaucratic nightmare.

"We want to end dependence on Independence Day," said Schwartz. "We stand up for our country, we stand up for what's right, we want our freedoms we want our liberty , we don't want to be taxed out of existence."

Congressman Louie Gohmert was the keynote speaker of the event.

Anti-war activists also showed up for the rally with their own message.

"Peace, love and freedom, and we do not believe the wars are necessary," said Darla Lilley. "In fact, we think that they are part of the main problem with our country."

It's estimated nearly 300 people turned out in Longview. A similar rally was held in Gilmer where State Representative David Simpson made an appearance.

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