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Canton vendors survive the storm

CANTON, TX (KLTV) - Canton Trade Days vendors survived the storm Thursday night, but some of their merchandise was ruined, after what they say, is the worst storm they have seen in Trade Days history.

"I've been through tornadoes down here, I've been through ice, and heat, and high 80 90 mile per hour winds, but I've never seen anything like this," says vendor, Gail Heard. 

Gail Heard and other Canton vendors all witnessed the severe thunderstorm that swept away all of their tents. The severity of the storm took the vendors by surprise,

"It was like a little rain, a little rain, then all the sudden, swam!," says vendor Paul Vail. 

Don Jones said, "It had to have been blowing 60 to 70 mph, I imagine, because it just blew everything down."

Heard hand-makes most of her merchandise, and it's her main source of income.

"We don't make a whole lot, but the little that we make, it gives us a life," says Heard.

And now that most of it is soaked from the rain, Heard, along with her Trade Day family, are building everything back up."

"I've never seen a group of people that pull together, care about each other, and pitch in, to help one another. We depend on each other," says Heard.

Trade Days in Canton is open all weekend, and most of the vendors have already set everything back up, and are back in business.

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