Brush-t: "Does It Work?"

This week's "Does It Work?" product promises what every golfer wants... more distance and more accuracy off the tee. In fact, it is a tee, and about as great a departure from the wooden original as you can get. We're putting the Brush-t to the "Does It Work?" test.

Made in 3 sizes, oversize, driver and 3-wood, the Brush-t is something totally different. The package sure makes some promises. "Longer lasting, more distance, constant height, more accuracy." Can a tee, no matter how different, make that much of a difference?

The concept behind the Brush-t goes something like this. At the drive, your club is travelling at up to 98 miles per hour. And anything that touches it at that speed is going to have an effect. The Brush-t bristles have been designed to do away with that ever so tiny amount of resistance. With this gadget, the ball is supported largely by air and so it takes less than a breath to put the ball into flight. That's supposed to give you greater accuracy and 4 to 7 extra yards in the fairway. Eagle's Bluff Golf Pro, Mark Cote, and General Manger, Eric Eitel will help us out.

We've marked the balls so we can tell who hit what off which tee. The challenging Eagle's Bluff hole # 9 will test both their distance and accuracy. "In the late 1800s, 1896, a dentist from Harvard came up with the idea of a wooden tee and it was patented in 1899," says Cote. "The concept hasn't changed until what you introduced to us today." Question is, "Does It Work?"

Eric was up first hitting three balls off regular wooden tees. Mark hit three with wodden tees. Then both guys hit three a piece using the Brush-t. "I felt like the wooden tee had a little more height on it felt a little more comfortable with it," said Eric. "The brush tee was a little lower so I felt like I hit it a little lower on 2 of the 3 shots." "I didn't really feel any difference the club dragging on the tee... the wooden tee or going through the bristles on the other swings," says Mark.

We looked at the best two balls for each golfer. Turns out, both Mark and Eric had wooden tee and Brush-t shots in or near the fairway.

For Eric, 245 yards just off the fairway with the Brush-t. But he nailed the one off the plain old wooden tee at 256 yards. Mark's Brush-t ball was at 267 in the fairway. Fourteen yards back was Mark's second best ball. It was a ball that had been launched using a regular wooden tee. "I definitely got more distance with the Brush-t," says Mark. "But I think I could do just as well with either tee." Our pro's not convinced it was anything more than a lucky roll. Especially when he balances his results with Eric's negative results.

"For me I would feel the spin would be the biggest impact. Judging by the balls I hit, I hit just as much spin with it as I did without it." So what's Mark's verdict on the Brush-t? "It would be a 'maybe'," says Mark.

Who knows, the Brush-t may get a second chance with these guys, but today they give it a "maybe".

You can find the Brush-t online. Just use any search engine. We found a three pack for as low as $5.99, or nine for 20 dollars. The website, has a bunch of charts so you can see how it did in controlled testing.