East Texas city submits alcohol petition

East Texas city submits alcohol petition

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - The Henderson 1st Committee is hoping to get beer and wine in stores---one signature at a time.

The group says they've collected nearly two thousand names-more than they need to get the issue of alcohol before voters.

The signatures most be validated by the county before the issue can be placed on the ballet.

"We have more than enough registered voters," said Weldon Gray of the 1st Committee.

Right now, Henderson residents must leave town if they want to enjoy alcohol with their dinner.

Kathie Wittner, the elections administrator for Rusk County says residents have to drive to Nacogdoches County or Gregg County if they want to have a drink with a meal.

Gray says Henderson is losing income to surrounding areas that allow alcohol.

"We feel that Henderson is loosing a significant amount of revenue-sales tax revenue," said Gray.

He also says alcohol in the city could attract large, chain restaurants that serve alcohol, to the area.  But it's up to the voters to decide in November.

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