Tyler Pipe Workers Speak Out

Unemployment is now in week two for 500 Tyler Pipe employees, making it time to start looking for help. It's an unusual situation for these South Plant workers who are no strangers to layoffs. Because no return date has been set, the state considers this a "long-term" layoff. That changes the application process for unemployment benefits. That's why a specialist from the Texas Workforce Commission held a series of meetings today with employees, helping them understand the process. Afterwards, several workers conveyed their frustration.

"We didn't anticipate this and unfortunately it happened and maybe we can get it resolved," said employee Bobby O'Neal.

"Well, I haven't talked to the company, just my supervisor," said employee James Washburn, "(he)said that they'll let us know when to come back and that's not the way to be. You know we don't know when to go or when not to go."

A Tyler Pipe Employee information line says they are still unsure when the South Plant will resume operation.

Kevin Berns, reporting.