ETX man arrested for shooting a dog

ETX man arrested for shooting a dog

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man has been sent back to jail after a Judge says he violated his probation when he shot and killed a dog.

Wilson was already in court for a previous misdemeanor charge. When Chance Wilson arrived in court Thursday, he didn't realize he was about to be arrested.

But when Judge Floyd Getz reviewed Wilson's recent charges of animal cruelty and discharging a firearm while on probation, plans changed.

"The court is reviewing paperwork right now to decide what the final decision will be on the revocation of his probation," says Deborah with the East Texas SPCA.

Just a few months ago, police say Wilson shot his neighbors dog, Spot.

Spot was paralyzed and suffered a rectal pro lapse, and later, had to be etherized.

Diane Hammet said, "I took care of Spot during the last two weeks of her life."

A difficult job, Hammet was glad she had a chance to do.  "She was an awesome dog, and I love her and miss her everyday," says Hammet.

Chance Wilson is being held on three different charges, criminal trespass, cruelty to animals, and deadly conduct with a firearm.  His total bond is set at 65 thousand dollars.

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