RAW: Department store surveillance of suspected shoplifters

RAW: Department store surveillance of suspected shoplifters

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - According to Tyler Police, an off-duty officer was injured while working at his part-time security job at Dillard's in the Broadway Square Mall in Tyler.

Authorities say J.R. Smith approached the two suspects inside the store, when they dropped two bags full of clothing ran.

Smith chased the suspects out of the store into the parking lot.

The suspects were able to get into a silver vehicle. Officials say Smith bashed out two windows on the car, before the suspects attempted to run him over as they fled the scene.

The suspects left the mall parking lot towards Old Bullard Road.

Police say the shoplifters stole 63 polo shirts---nearly $5000 worth of merchandise.

Officials say a third suspect seen in random shots of the surveillance video could be connected to the shoplifters.

Smith has been treated for minor cuts to his hands, and has returned to work.

J.R. Smith has been with the Tyler Police department for 17 and a half years.

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