UPDATE: Wife accused of shooting husband, 76

UPDATE: Wife accused of shooting husband, 76

LOG CABIN,TX (KLTV) - Police say a woman shot and killed her 76-year-old husband after an argument late Thursday morning.

It happened off of Cherokee Lane in Log Cabin, about 15 miles west of Athens.

Neighbors say the couple had a history of domestic disputes, so when they heard a gunshot Thursday morning, they had a good idea which house it came from.

"I heard a clear shot, just one shot and I automatically looked over here," said David Campos.

Campos says Thursday's shooting was just the latest commotion coming from inside the Robinson's home.

"They were like always arguing and stuff and he was always talking about guns and stuff like that and he had I guess beat her up or whatever and she left for maybe a month or so," he said.

Neighbors say the couple had just reconciled; a reunion that didn't last long.

"She said if you mess with me again I'm going to kill you and she did," said Joe Sanders, neighbor.

Police say an argument triggered 69-year-old Eula Kate Robinson to shoot her husband in the chest. An Air One Helicopter was dispatched to the scene, but authorities say 76-year-old James Robinson died before being transported to a hospital.

"She was telling everybody if he put his hands on her again that she was going to shoot him," said Sanders. "So apparently that's what happened."

Neighbors say it was a violent end that they saw coming.

"Her being crippled and in a wheelchair and everything she had some kind of rights you know I wouldn't take that either being picked on like that. Would you?" said Sanders.

Investigators say they were called to the scene by Eula Robinson, who's now charged with murder.

Robinson was booked into the Henderson County Jail Thursday evening.

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