Wheelchair bodybuilder inspires others

Wheelchair bodybuilder inspires others

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A debilitating accident didn't stop one man from moving forward and accomplishing his dreams.

A near fatal accident changed wheelchair bodybuilder champion Shea Floyd's life forever.

"I was going back to work, running late and lost control around a corner," said Floyd. "I slid up on a curb and was paralyzed from the waist down."

Floyd was determined to transform his life after debilitating accident into a personal triumph.

"Some people see brick walls, others see speed bumps," said Floyd. "I am more of a speed bump kind a guy. Just another way to push life ahead."

It was in therapy that Floyd met his now trainer and good friend John Fornier and his passion for body building was ignited.

"We were both in motorcycle accident and we met in rehab. I talked Shea into competing in it," said Fornier. "We did our first show and ever since then we have been in touch."

In 2009, Floyd won the Southern Isle's bodybuilding competition and has been inspiring others ever since.

"I am ecstatic about my new found love for bodybuilding," said Floyd. "It is something I probably wouldn't have done before my crash."

"He has come a long way," Fornier said. "He has the biggest heart of any dude I know. He is a good guy all around."

"It's a huge adrenaline rush when you hear the crowd cheering for you," said Floyd. "It seems to never last long enough, that's why we come back and do more shows."

Floyd gives hope to others, especially those unaware of their personal strength hope.

"Just because things are different, doesn't mean they have to be negative," said Floyd. "There is plenty of things to do when pursuing a positive lifestyle."

Shea Floyd won the Southern Isle's wheelchair division again this year.

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