Horse rescue damaged by Tuesday night's storm

Horse rescue damaged by Tuesday night's storm

GILMER, TX (KLTV) - Safe Haven Equine Rescue took a direct hit from last night's storm.  Trees were missing branches.  Others were snapped in two.  Some trees were even uprooted by the powerful winds.

The howling winds sent branches falling into the horse pens-posing a danger to the animals.

"Well, the horses can get cut, scratched up or get wounds on them by the jagged edges," said Richard Fincher of Safe Haven.

The bridge that links Fincher's home and the barn is blocked with downed trees.  He says the piles of debris make it hard to feed the animals.

The storm also sent limbs crashing onto power lines.  The rescue is currently without power and AC.

Safe Haven is temporarily closed and adoptions are on hold until the damage can be cleared from the horse pens.

Fincher says Safe Haven doesn't have the money to repair the damages, but he is determined to get the rescue up and running again.

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