Single engine plane crash in Cherokee Co.

Single engine plane crash in Cherokee Co.

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - A single engine plane crashed in Cherokee County Wednesday morning.

According to DPS, the plane was having engine problems and crashed in a field off of County Road 3411 north of Hwy 175 near the Cuney area.

Authorities said the pilot was 64-year-old Frankston man, Roger Millheim.

Millheim took off from an airstrip in Frankston, when he ran into engine trouble, and was forced to land in a nearby field, according to authorities.

Cherokee County Sergeant Patrick Dark responded to the scene.

"Speaking to the pilot, he said his plane for whatever reason lost power and he come down and was able to miss the power line behind us and went through barb wire fence on two different properties," Dark said.

There was noticeable damage to the wings and landing gear on the plane, which landed on its belly. Luckily, Sergeant Dark said Millheim wasn't hurt.

"He was the only occupant of the plane and he was walking around and said he was fine," Dark said.

Millheim chose not to comment on the accident.

Officials stayed on the scene until the FAA arrived from Irving to investigate.

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