Halloween Not Just For Kids

When you think of Halloween, you immediately think of kids, candy and costumes. But in the last few years, adults have turned the holiday into big business.

"Adults love it as much as kids do," said Ray Stringer, owner of Parties Plus in Longview. " There just wasn't as much of an opportunity for them to dress up and now there is."

"Everybody loves going to a party every once in a while, it just gives them an excuse," he said.
Those excuses vary. Charmain Yarbough says her friends make her dress up.

"I have two friends and we always make a big deal out of Halloween," she said.

Stringer said it's attitudes like that that are keeping them busy.

"The month of October is by far our busiest month of the year," Stringer said. "As far as spending on a party or decoration, Halloween by far exceeds any other holiday that we have."
Nearly 1/3 of all adults are expected to don their favorite costume this Halloween, whatever the cost.

"You have a lot of adults that come in and say 'Hey I want something that's going to win me this competition' and they don't mind spending 100, 200 bucks to win a costume contest.".

So as you get ready to celebrate your own Halloween, remember, it's not just for kids anymore.

Chris Gibson, reporting.