Hope Springs Water, bringing water to developing countries

Hope Springs Water, bringing water to developing countries

ATHENS, TX (KLTV)- An East Texas doctor has taken it upon himself to help people across the world get clean water. Dr. Ted Mettetal says there are a billion people in the world who do not have access to pure water.

"One of the questions that we like to ask people is what would you do to save a life," said Dr. Ted Mettetal, Hope Springs Water.

That's the question that drives do Dr. Mettetal and Hope Springs Water.

"We think Hope Springs Water offers people  the opportunity to literally help save lives by doing something that's maybe no different from what they were going to do anyway which is drink bottle water," said Dr. Mettetal.

Dr. Mettetal says his many mission trips opened his eyes to a problem that many of us never think about.

"All of the places that I've gone one of the things that has really been very noticeable is the lack of access to drinking water," said Dr. Mettetal.

Determined to make a difference Mettetal teamed up with other East Texans to start Hope Springs Water.

A year and a half later, Hope Springs Water is on shelves in East Texas Brookshire's stores.

Also, Hope Springs Water isn't just sold in East Texas.

"It's from Caney Springs which is a little spring down Palestine, Texas here in East Texas," said Dr. Mettetal.

By purchasing Hope Springs Water, Dr. Mettetal says places like Uganda will be benefit.

"Their water is literally from a mud hole where it catches rain water and animals share the water," said Dr. Mettetal.

Giving parents in developing countries one less thing to worry about.

"Do I give my child his dirty unclean water to drink and risk the chance of them dying...or do I not give them the water to drink and watch them die of water starvation," Dr. Mettetal.

Dr. Mettetal says they will be leaving in one week to go to Uganda to drill a well that will serve 6-hundred people.