Apple Swim and Fitness manager arrested for prescription fraud

Apple Swim and Fitness manager arrested for prescription fraud

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler Narcotics Investigators arrested Tara Kay McSwain, W/F/, 05/17/1974, who is the owner/manager of East Texas Billing and manager of Apple Swim & Fitness Center on seven counts of Fraudulent-Possession of Controlled Substance, a 3rd degree Felony.

On Thursday, June 16, 2011, an employee of Walgreens, located at 5415 S. Broadway called police and stated that they had a female in the drive-thru attempting to pick up a fraudulent prescription for Hydrocodone. Patrol Officers and Vice Investigators arrived on the scene and took McSwain into custody after further investigation.

Investigators found several pieces of paper with physicians and patients names on them in McSwain's purse. These were discovered during the search incident to arrest, and were believed to be used in a fraudulent manner.  Because of her billing service for physicians, McSwain had access to doctor and patient information.

After investigators contacted several physicians and former patients, they developed probable cause that on six different occasions in 2011 McSwain provided fraudulent information to obtain a Controlled Substance from local pharmacies in Tyler.

On June 23, 2011, investigators arrested Tara McSwain on six warrants for Fraudulent-Possession of Controlled Substance.  McSwain was booked into Smith County Jail on a total bond of $120,000, set by Judge Rogers.

Investigators are still looking into further incidents involving McSwain.

She told us that she when she was arrested at the Walgreens, she was dropping off a prescription for her daughters medication called Vyvanse. That's when she says police put her in the back of the officers car and watched while the officers searched her car.  They seized the prescription for her daughter as well as her purse and cell phone.

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