Seizure of 40 cruelly confined animals from ETX home

Seizure of 40 cruelly confined animals from ETX home

Forty one animals are safe tonight, hours after they were found living in their own waste on an east Texas property.  Van Zandt county officials and the SPCA of Texas rescued the animals off of Private Road 7441 in Wills Point.

Officials tell KLTV 7's Annette Falconer the hundred degree heat made conditions for the animals even more dangerous.

A total of 38 dogs, nineteen of which are puppies, two turtles and one bird were seized today from a wills point trailer... With extremely poor conditions.

"They were all outside, about a dozen or more and there were more mom's and puppies inside," says Lacy Ball, the Communications Specialist with the SPCA of Texas.

Lacy Ball with the SPCA of Texas says, the conditions inside the trailer were poor too.

The carpet was soaked with urine, and the ammonia level was high. Ball says the animals had feces clumped to them, and what really struck her, was a single dog that was found alone in a horse trailer.

Ball says, "Were not sure why that one was by itself, but there was urine and feces in there as well."

The SPCA of Texas managed to rescue all forty one animals, and transport them to Dallas, where they will be examined and cared for.

"We just want to make sure the animals, I mean they're our first priority and we just want to make sure they are receiving the care that they deserve," said Ball.

A custody hearing for the animals is set for next Thursday, July 7th, in Van Zandt county.

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