Summertime Football

Summertime Football

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - High school football teams can take the football field for the first time.

In 34 days.

The best time of the year is creeping up on the state.

Players from some of the best East Texas programs, are finding a way to stay busy in the summer.

Tonight marked the final round of games this season of a 7-on-7 league in East Texas.

Lindale, John Tyler, Tyler lee and Whitehouse have been playing all summer.

There's no tackling, but plenty of big plays, as teams ready themselves for the upcoming season.

Oh, it's also a great way to re-kindle the rivalries.

"Plenty of trash talk goes on out here," said Whitehouse quarterback Hunter Taylor, "I don't think us and John Tyler are ever going to be best buddies, but that's just how it goes, it gets pretty intense.

"There won't be too much trash talking," said JT's Fred Ross, "But when someone scores we start talking noise."

Regardless of the talk, player love the fact, that football is back on the field.

"You talk to them, mess around," said Justin Owens, Sulphur Springs quarterback, "You get to see their defense and how they work and everything. So it's good."

Tyler Lee and John Tyler have qualified for the state 7-on-7 along with several other East Texas schools.

The state tournament July 15-16 in College Station.

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