Raising money for Harley

Raising money for Harley

By Jamey Boyum

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - You may recall Harley, the dog the SPCA of East Texas had taken away from its owner. Harley was hit by a car a year ago and suffered a broken leg which had never been treated.

Harley is recovering at a local animal clinic and will be seeing a specialist in Dallas. When the Wilson family saw Harley's story they decided they had to help. The kids opened a lemonade stand in Tyler to help with Harley's surgery.

Nearly $400---that's a pretty good amount of money from a lemonade stand that was only open a few days. But when Hannah, Hudson and Haden saw Harley's story on KLTV, they just had to do something to help, and not just because Harley starts with an H. Not all the money came from lemonade, though.

"Our parents matched what we made and our kindergarten teacher donated more money," Hannah said.

Their grandparents helped out too. I fact, the whole family pitched in.

"Did you make the lemonade?" I asked Hudson.

"No," he replied.

"Did you drink the lemonade?" I asked.

He nodded yes.

"You drank the lemonade? Well, that helps, I guess," I said.

"Sort of." He said.

Hudson was obviously in charge of quality control. And, he must have done a great job because they sold around 70 dollars worth at fifty cents a cup.

Harley finally got to meet some of his benefactors, and yes he seemed to appreciate their hard work. Harley said thank you in his good dog way.

"He was nice, he knew that he would get help with his leg so he acted like it wasn't a problem. He's Harley tough," said Haden.

So, when life hands you a lemon, the Wilsons think it's obviously time to make some lemonade.

Although they have raised 5000 dollars for the surgery, it could cost more than that for the leg reconstruction. If you'd like to help you can contact the SPCA of East Texas, or the Alexis Animal Clinic.

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