Is your county under a fireworks ban?

Is your county under a fireworks ban?

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Fourth of July is just around the corner, and as of now, most counties have clearly stated what the firework rules are for the public.

While some firework stands will stay up and running, some had to shut down for the season---if their county has a full firework ban.

"We probably will loose a hundred thousand dollars because of the dry weather," says Jim Renfro, owner of five firework stands.

Two of Jim Renfros firework stands are now closed due to a full firework ban.

Renfro says, "Overall we will be down because we have stores in the affected areas."

Buying fireworks is like charging a credit card, you get the product first, then pay later.

"We buy the product, on July the fifth, we have to pay for it, so everything that's in here, we have to pay for it, whether they close our doors or not," says Renfro.

Renfro's hope lies within his Smith county firework stand in Lindale, which only has a partial firework ban.

Smith County hasn't issued a firework ban or a burn ban, but they have prohibited the use of a few aerial fireworks, such as skyrockets with sticks, and missiles with fins, now you can still use other aerial products like roman candles.

For counties in East Texas with partial burn bans, you still have plenty of fireworks to choose from.

Everything else is legal to have, legal to shoot, and legal to sell, like multi-aerials, or something like this sitting on the shelf right here

All of these you will sit it flat on the ground, and they will go straight into the air, less chance of human error

Renfro says planning ahead is the smart thing to do in the firework business, he says, "You don't do a seasonal business where you depend on the laws of nature, without making provisions, only a fool would do that."

Now, just today, Rusk county also implemented a ban on fireworks like skyrockets or missiles with fins.

To check if your county is under a full firework ban, a partial firework ban, or no ban at all, click the link below.

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