Friends remember victims killed in Hwy 79 wreck

Friends remember victims killed in Hwy 79 wreck

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Kushundra Rodgers, her 12-year-old Kaleigh Hinton and 13-year-old niece Ronjenne Williams were on their way home from a weekend track meet when the unthinkable happened.

Ronjenne's sixth grade teacher, Whitney Young, says the young girl's personality was as big as her heart.

"Ronjenne she was one of a kind and I believe she had a great future ahead of her I just think that it was cut really short," said Whitney Young, Ronjenne's teacher.

Young says Ronjenne was known for her happy attitude and ability to lead.

"She was just fun she was personable she was sweet she was friendly and she was just really funny she had a great personality," said Ronjenne.

Both Ronjenne and her cousin Kaleigh were part of the Tyler Metro Track and Field Club.

"Kaleigh on the other hand was quiet but always down to business when it came down to shoot the gun and run track," said Lornonda Brown, Ronjenne and Kaleigh's track coach.

Coach Lornonda Brown, known as Coach "Toto" by most, says track and field was a family affair.

Kushundra Rodgers was an assistant coach for the team.

"She was calm patient because she was an athlete first and the kids loved her for it win or lose she always treated the kids as if they were winners and they loved her for it," said Brown.

Coach Toto says Coach K, Ronjenne and Kaleigh will be missed, but he knows that they're loved where they are now.

"I'll say it like this we don't understand why God knows best and we have to put out trust in him," said Brown.

Funerals for Kushundra, Kaleigh and Ronjenne are still pending.

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