Proud of East Texas:; Jerry and Jeremy Dengler

Proud of East Texas:; Jerry and Jeremy Dengler

By Joan Hallmark

Jerry Dengler and his son Jeremy have both had lifelong love affairs with music. It's what carried them into the highs in their lives and helped them through their lows.

Throughout the 1980's Jerry was part of the popular Mason Dixon Band with hit records and videos and a huge fan following. As a little boy, Jeremy wanted nothing more than to follow in his father's footsteps.

The Denglers are now making music together in their Full Measure Music Ministries. But it took the death of Jerry's wife and Jeremy's mother to bring them together with their music. In addition to recording together, they are helping other artists to record and are helping church Praise groups with their music as well. "Full measure of music" has become symbolic of a full measure of life.

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