Elderville man seeks home for tombstone

Elderville man seeks home for tombstone


An east Texas man is on a mission to give a last bit of honor to a veteran, who's abandoned tombstone has ,as yet , not been claimed. The effort is to find a final resting place for a world war two veteran's headstone marker. For two years , Don Gertz of Elderville has been trying to solve a mystery.

"I'm just trying to find out where his grave is and put it there, its really a big time mystery," Gertz says.

Gertz found the marker while making a rest stop, then spotting an abandoned home south of Kilgore.

"This tombstone was right by the driveway, that was almost two years ago," he says.

The stone is marked 'Wilbur Melvin Jones' U.S. navy world war two. He checked county records, funeral homes, talked to neighbors, Internet searches, but could not find anyone who knew Jones.

"Went to local funeral homes talked to people up and down this road," says Gertz.

He found that Jones was born in Kilgore, died in Houston, but no records on where he was buried. There are no friends or family. Gertz thinks the marker may be a mistake, if Jones was born in 1935 he would have been 6 years old when world war 2 began.

"Might be a mistake, someone put world war two instead of the Korean war," he says.

He's just hoping someone, somewhere remembers.

"Somebody should know something about this man show me where his grave is , I can go out there and put it there myself, me and you wouldn't be talking if it weren't for people like mister Jones," Gertz says.

Gertz says if he can't find anyone , family or friends of mister Jones, he will return the tombstone to the abandoned home where he found it.

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