Cowboy Games Impact Local Economy

Despite Sunday's loss the Dallas Cowboys are off to one of their best starts in recent years. That success has been great for Cowboys fans, but area businesses are mixed when it comes to the boys winning again.
Local restaurant manager Russ Watkins says his business has been steady.
"When the Cowboys are playing we want all the t.v's on the Cowboy game and we turn the volume up so that people can hear it," he said.
Watkins said his business increases when the Cowboys play but that's not the case for everyone. "Well I know one thing, it's killing our business," said David Barrett, assitant manager Dwayne's Country Cafe.
"I mean before the season started, Sunday was one of our best days, since the football season started it kind of dies down about 12:00."
Not everyone likes to go out for the game. Some just order in. Local pizza delivery stores see that business.
"It gets really busy," said Randy Chambers, assistant manager Pizza Hut.  "We generally double our business on Sundays,"
So whether broadcasting the boys, or catering to their fans, one thing is clear our wallets follow football.

Chris Gibson Reporting