Cliff diving in Lindale?!

Cliff diving in Lindale?!

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - There's a spot in Lindale that's offering a way to cool off, and an at-your-own-risk kind of thrill. You can jump off cliffs as high as 40 feet into an East Texas spring-fed pool.

Tucked away off of FM16 in Lindale, is a place known as "The Cliffs," where you can take 40 foot leaps into a spring-fed pool. We're told the private property has only been open to the public for about a month, and it's already attracting around 300 people per day.

According to the Smith County Appraisal District, The Cliffs is not a registered business. And although it costs to jump, the appraisal district says that may not be a problem.

At The Cliffs, there's a spot known as the "launch pad". Nathan Herman, 18, jumped Friday for the first time.

"I was very scared, but then when I jumped in I want kaboom and I wasn't scared anymore," said Herman.

Nathan and dozens of others say they come for an adrenaline rush.

"I would compare it to crashing four-wheelers except you don't get hurt. It's like the best part of it," said Herman.

But that adrenalin rush isn't free.

"One person is $5, from two to five is $10 and over five is $15," said David Ashcraft, The Cliffs owner. "That's what it is right now."

Ashcraft says at this time, The Cliffs is not registered with the State Comptroller as a business.

"We're getting insurance in place, business licensing in place, all the stuff that goes with having a business like state park or any other place that has a place where people swim," said Ashcraft.

So, when we asked him why there's a charge, he replied "it's more like a donation".

"We weren't even charging people to get in here at first, but when you have two or three hundred cars coming in your driveway it tends to need upgrading," said Ashcraft.

If you're over the age of 17, he says you have to sign a book to get in. If you're a minor, you have to sign a waiver with a parent's consent, agreeing to jump at your own risk.

"I had to sign a form saying that I was not going to hold them responsible, which I was surprised it took them that long to do that actually because it seems like this would be a big liability on somebody," said Emily Mullinnex, mother.

Ashcraft says to his knowledge no one has been seriously injured.

"There's been people that stumped their toes, you know cut their foot on a rock. I think a girl broke her ankle or skinned her ankle. She really didn't know. She was walking around at dark," said Ashcraft.

Although cliff jumpers like Herman say they're here for the thrill, he says he knows it can be dangerous.

"Probably going to be a lot of rednecks come out here drinking a lot," said Herman. "There's probably going to be a death up here and they're going to ruin it for everyone."

But right now, most people don't seem to be worried about getting hurt.

Ashcraft says he has homeowner's insurance. He says he's in the process of obtaining more insurance for his future business at The Cliffs.

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