Thieves target church's A/C units, TWICE in one week

Thieves target church's A/C units, TWICE in one week

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Investigators pored over the New Beginnings Church lot, Friday afternoon, hoping foot prints and tire tracks around the church will eventually lead to a suspect.

Nearly $6,000 worth of new air conditioning units were installed, two days ago.
"Pastor Sonny" and another church member were planning to install fencing around the new units, Friday when they discovered the new units had been taken.

The church recently replaced three other units which had been stripped a week ago.
Pastor Sonny said Sunday's service got a little heated.  Church members called him, last Wednesday because the air conditioning was not working inside the church.

Pastor Sonny said he thought it was odd for all three units to stop working at the same time. He checked the units after last Sunday's service and found all three had been gutted. *stripped...

"Coils taken out, copper taken out, just trashed to pieces," he said.

Robert Templin with C&R Service and Repair installed the first batch of replacement units. He said he couldn't believe it when he heard that the new systems had been targeted.

"We made a few phone calls, a lot of people are willing to help, and we're close," said Templin. He plans to be back on the church grounds, first thing Saturday morning to install three more new units. "The doors of the church are not going to close on Satan's account."

"We pray for those individuals, or individual--that God will bless them and their needs," said Pastor Sonny.

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