SPCA announces new puppy bill initiative

SPCA announces new puppy bill initiative

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - SPCA of Texas is taking action in trying to prevent puppy mill's becoming successful and the only way to stop the inhumane business, is by educating the buyers. 

The East Texas SPCA offered up some tips for potential puppy purchasers and how to stay away from the deceiving business of puppy mills.

"The definition we think of a puppy mill is the making of a profit exceeds the welfare of the animals," says the SPCA of Texas.

Just a month ago East Texas owners of a puppy mill went to court, where they reached the agreement with the SPCA, and voluntarily signed over the ownership of 61 puppies.

On May 26th, the day of the seizure, Deborah Dobbs said, "Feces were everywhere, on the walls, on the kitchen appliances, these animals were running all around the house.

Even neighbors could smell the stench from the street.

On Friday, the SPCA of Texas held a conference announcing a puppy mill initiative, they said "We're wanting to spread the word about the dangers and conditions of puppy mills,"

Deborah Dobbs with the east Texas SPCA says this isn't directed at every East Texas dog-breeder.

"The good breeders are not going to  have a problem opening your doors to you and say come in, this is my home, this is where my puppies sleep, this is where their mother lives, this is what I feed them, that's a good breeder," says Dobbs.

Unlike so-called "puppy millers...", Dobbs says, "People that are secretive or want to meet you at a parking lot somewhere, that's a real red flag."

According to Dobbs, puppy papers can easily be fabricated, "Just for the fact that they produce paperwork and say this is a registered whatever, that's not necessarily the case," says Dobbs.

And after investigating the Silva's puppy mill in Tyler, Dobbs says, the puppies home may tell the whole story.

"If you are considering purchasing a puppy, I would strongly encourage you to make a personal visit to the location to where your buying from," says Dobbs.

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