Southwest skillet from The Diner

Southwest skillet from The Diner
The Diner's Southwest Skillet

Pintos, fully cooked - 4 oz

Corn, fully cooked – 4 oz

Pico de Gallo- 4 oz

Diced fresh potatoes, fully cooked - 6 oz

Fajita Beef Steak fully cooked – 6 oz

Whole Eggs- 2


1.Place 4 oz of fully cooked pinto beans into a hot skillet.

2.Add 4 oz of corn to the skillet.

3. Add 4 oz of pico de gallo to the skillet.

4. Add 6 oz of skillet potatoes.

5. Reduce temperature to low and let simmer

6. Heat 6 oz of fajita beef in another skillet or add to the vegetable blend.

7. Cook 2 eggs the way you like.

8. Place the heated vegetable blend on a plate or in a bowl.

9. Place beef on top of vegetable blend.

10. Place eggs on top of all and enjoy