Emory pickle theft case dismissed

Emory pickle theft case dismissed

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- It's been the talk of the town in Emory for over a year, as a woman was scheduled to go to trial for allegedly stealing a pickle. It happened February of last year at the Max-A-Mart in Emory, where employees say they caught 71 year old Barbara Ann Alaman stealing a single pickle, and called police.

Alaman was given a citation , found guilty in municipal court but then appealed the decision saying she did not pocket the pickle. Everyone in town is familiar with the case.

"I think they should spend taxpayer money on criminals that are more threatening," says Emory resident Kadence Munson.

"I just wonder how many times she did it and got away with it, I think it's kind of ridiculous to prosecute her for stealing a pickle," says Ray Naylor.

Alaman has no prior history of theft, and family says store security video does not conclusively show that Alaman took anything. So did it really happen?

"No," says Alaman's daughter Sharon Horrocks.

"Anybody that knows my mother, she would never steal that pickle or anything else for that fact, my mothers always been a good person , an honest person," she says.

Late in the day , Alaman's attorney filed for a mistrial, citing Alaman could not get a fair trial, and it was granted.

"I think they're wasting their time on pickles," Naylor says.

Alaman told us, she doesn't even like pickles. Alaman was originally charged with class 'C' misdemeanor theft, and trespassing. Had the case not ended in a mistrial today, she could have faced a 5-hundred dollar fine , and possible jail time.

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