Stolen AC unit found with GPS tracking device

Stolen AC unit found with GPS tracking device

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas homebuilder tracked down his stolen AC unit with a hidden GPS device.

He says thieves are targeting newly constructed neighborhoods. But he tells us what the thieves didn't know is that a GPS device hidden inside was tracking their every move.

In a matter of seconds, an alarm was able to alert homebuilder Robert Aiken that someone had taken off with his AC unit.

"This unit is probably $1,800 to go and buy it new and there may be $100 of copper in it," said Aiken.

The tracking device took Aiken and police straight to the location, about 15 miles outside of the city limits.

"I think they were quite surprised when we showed up," he said. "In fact he asked one of the police officers how we found him so quickly he thought maybe it was helicopters that we were using."

He says two men and a woman at the home denied stealing his air conditioner. So far, no arrests have been made.

"They didn't know how it got there within you know a half an hour of being stolen and covered with a tarp in their backyard they had no idea where it came from...amnesia?" asked Aiken.

He says the hidden tracking device costs him about $250 dollars. He calls it one of his best investments. Now, he's sharing the news with other homebuilders.

"So within a very short period of time, this market is going to be flooded with them. I know it is because we're just fed up," said Aiken. "All builders are fed up with this."

He says now thieves have no where to hide the stolen property.

"We're getting a lot smarter. We're fed up. We've got tools and technology to protect our products. Go look for something else with easy money. Get a job," he said.

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