Wings Over Tyler air show

Wings Over Tyler air show

Tyler is hosting an air show, Wings Over Tyler, on July 4th weekend. The crazy tricks and high speed turns these pilots can pull off have not been seen in Tyler in quite a while.

"Oh they'll be flying upside down, loops, sideways, pretty close to the ground, doing double-eights in the sky with smoke trailing behind," said Carolyn Verver, who helped organize the show.

Carolyn has been to many air shows in the past, but she said she is just as excited about this one.

"Once you've seen it, you'll understand the passion of those of us who love planes and aviation," Verver said.

Some of the planes you can expect to see are a P40, a B25 named "Devil Dog", T-28s, A-10s and F-16s. Some of those are still active military aircrafts. There will even be a re-enactment of the pearl harbor bombing.

"It's going to be a great deal for Tyler, and people are going to see things they've never seen before," said Randa Conner.

Conner is the chairman of the Chamber Aviation Committee and also played a key role in organizing the show.

Conner said this is unlike anything you have seen at the airport in more than a decade.

"People think that they've come to the airport and they've seen planes on the tarmac and they think that's an air show, but that's a static display. A wavered air show for an airfield is actually where they do high-speed acrobatic performance," Conner said.

Conner said people are so excited that they're already asking if there will be another air show next year.

"I've been getting a lot of calls saying don't let this be the only one, don't let it be another 16 years and we're working on it," Conner said.

Festivities begin Saturday, July 2nd with the Meet the Pilots Gala. Find more information on the gala HERE.

The air show starts Sunday, July 3rd at noon. For directions and information on admission fees visit the Wings Over Tyler Air Show web site HERE.