92nd Bomber Group Reunion in Longview

A special reunion was held in Longview, as members of World War 2's 92nd bomber group came together. They are the weathered faces of World War 2 air corps veterans, who filled the skies over Europe as part of the 92nd bomber group.

"I think everybody out there should thank their lucky stars that there were people to do that job back then" said B-17 gunner Elmer Diebel of Michigan.

The B-17 flying fortress was the mainstay of bombing missions in the late part of the war... And those who crewed it came to form a special bond.

"It was something to live through that tied us together that made us closer than blood brothers, we are brothers period" said former B-17 pilot Bob Scott of Wyoming, who is now 80 and had flown 24 missions for the group.

From all over the country they gathered at the Greggton Military Museum, to renew friendships and share old stories. "I flew my first 3 missions and damned near froze to death because I wasn't smart enough to turn on my heated suit" said former bombardier Robert Burbank of Oregon, now 79.

Veterans statistics show that we a losing World War 2 veterans at a rate of a thousand a day... These vets hope their reunion will mean someone down the road will remember.

Bob Hallmark reporting.