Southwest pilot's rant on open mic

Southwest pilot's rant on open mic

TEXAS (CNN) - A Southwest Airlines pilot lands in hot water over inflammatory statements about flight attendants.

He apparently didn't realize his mic was open and his rant was heard by other pilots and air traffic controllers.

The pilot's tirade about flight attendants is peppered with obscenities and insults, slurs against homosexuals and women.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it "expects a higher level of professionalism" from flight crews. Southwest put out a video press release.

The pilot was reprimanded, suspended without pay, and underwent diversity education. He is now back on the job. The pilot has apologized, Southwest says, to controllers, his bosses, pilots and of course, flight attendants. But the flight attendants' union is not happy. It says Southwest's response to the incident has added insult to injury and it is considering filing a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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