Police request gunman's medical records in murder-suicide

Police request gunman's medical records in murder-suicide

HUGHES SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) - There are new details in the investigation into a Cass County murder-suicide. Hughes Springs Police are now asking for the gunman's medical records.

Friends of Stanley Nolen say he was seeking treatment for alcoholism in the weeks before he shot his estranged wife and then himself on Monday night.

A friend of Stanley Nolen says that Nolen told him he wanted to kill his wife. On the 9-1-1 call from the scene, you can hear Nolen saying that himself.

It wasn't until listening to that recording several times that KLTV 7 was able to hear Stan in the background saying he was going to kill his estranged wife.

About a month before that chilling and quick exchange, Stan's friend, Ron cCark, says Stan had talked about the crime scene before.

"He had made the statement he had homicidal thoughts and suicidal thoughts," said Clark. "He said if he went down she was going with him. That's one of the last things that we heard him disclose is that if I go down, she's going with me."

Clark says Stan had reached out for help.

"Stan had come to a mutual friend of ours and told him that he was having severe problems with alcoholism," said Clark.

He says Stan agreed to seek medical treatment. So, a friend took Stan to Good Shephard Medical Center in Longview.

"He told the doctor what his situation was," said Clark. "He told him of the suicidal and homicidal thoughts that he had thought about killing his wife and then killing himself."

Clark says Stan left the emergency room with a prescription to treat his alcoholism. Now, police are asking for Stan's medical records.

"Once that information gets back we'll look into it to see exactly what was said and the reason or reasons that he was not admitted," said Hughes Springs Police Chief Randy Kennedy.

As police investigate the month leading up to Stan's crime, they also ask could anything have stopped it from happening.

Late Wednesday afternoon, Good Shepherd released this statement:

"All patients seeking mental health services are carefully evaluated by a board certified e-r physician and, either referred to local mental health resources, or transferred to a psychiatric facility."

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