SPCA seizes dog from East Texas family

SPCA seizes dog from East Texas family

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The SPCA of East Texas has taken a dog away from its owner.  The dog, Harley, was hit by a car a year ago. It suffered a broken leg, an injury that was never treated. But Harley suffers from more than that.

Sarah Jeter, the dog's owner, claims she can't afford to take Harley to a veterinarian, so the SPCA of East Texas is doing it for her.

Deborah Dobbs, President of the local SPCA, says Jeter will not be getting Harley back.

"There's a serious, serious situation here, we don't know until we see a vet if the leg can be saved," Dobbs said. "It's also in depleted condition as far as parasites and fleas and that kind of thing. The dog's white blood count is so far down that his gums have turned white, and that indicates that he's in bad shape."

Harley's injury got worse when the owner left him tied up and went on vacation. His leg was tangled and his hair and skin were torn away. SPCA board member Danika Maher described the injury.

"The dog has huge lacerations where the dog has been hobbling on his leg. His foot is swollen from lack of blood circulation," Maher said.

A veterinarian will have to decide if Harley's leg can be saved. Dobbs says if it can, Harley will still make a good pet.

"He's very sweet," Dobbs said. "Hopefully we can do some good with this."

A second dog on the property was in much better shape. Its owners are on their way from Florida to pick it up.

Harley was taken in for his first visit to the vet Wednesday afternoon. Harley's former owner says she gave up Harley voluntarily, but didn't want to go on camera. The District Attorney is considering charges.

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