E. Texans react to graphic cigarette warnings

E. Texans react to graphic cigarette warnings

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Cigarette packages are getting ready to get a lot more graphic.

The FDA has mandated that cigarette companies include new photos on boxes that show the effects of smoking.

It is the biggest change the FDA has made to cigarette packages in 25 years. But is it too much for what's still a legal product?

Tyler resident, Michael Miller says, "People smoke. They get hooked on it and it's really hard to quit."

From cancer of the mouth, to a dead body, new labels will show the gruesome consequences of smoking. The new labels are part of a federal mandate that was passed in 2009. The labels have been criticized as government overreach, but we couldn't find a single person who thought they were a bad idea.

Mark Reagan says, "It's a new avenue I guess. But, I don't think the government will overstep their bounds."

"I'm okay with it and I'm a smoker," says Michael Moore.

Heide McKellare specializes in tobacco-related diseases. She doesn't feel the labels are too  much. In fact, she thinks they are long overdue.

"Some people are gonna go, "oh my gosh" and they're gonna be completely offended by that. But that's real," remarks Heide.

McKellare says the graphic, FDA ordered warning labels will do little to prevent adults from kicking the cancer sticks.

But for children, the chilling new labels may be a breath of fresh air.

Michael Miller has smoked all of his adult life, and says it's too late for him. He only wishes these labels were around when he was a kid.

He just hopes it works for this generation.

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