Jimmy Butler's Draft Journey

Jimmy Butler's Draft Journey

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - For one year at TJC, Wagstaff Gymnasium was ruled by #33.

"His first game here he scored 34," said TJC head coach Mike Marquis, "Then his last game he scored 40."

As an Apache, Jimmy Butler was an All-American.

He found a place to call home, a far-cry from just a few years earlier.

"He want through a lot at 13, he went through a lot at 14," said Marquis, "By the time he was 18, he had all of the rough days behind him."

Until recently, Butler had rarely talked about his teenage years, but he opened up in an ESPN article.

Butler recounted his youth, how at age 13, his mother kicked him to the curb with no money, no family and no home.

"He could have used that as an excuse from the time he was 13," said Marquis, "But never one time did he use it as an excuse."

Butler continued on in the article, detailing how he moved from home to home...for nearly four years.

Until just before his senior year in high school when a classmates family took him in.

Sounds familiar doesn't it?.

"People compare it to The Blind Side," said Marquis, "Some people in Hollywood are going to see the tragic home life, heading to junior college and now on to the NBA."

And now, this story, will have a happy ending.

A stellar three years at Marquette has landed Butler has a projected 1st round pick in next weeks NBA Draft.

Where he will find a new place to call home.

"I told him," said Marquis, "Thursday is not the end, it is beginning of how great you are going to be."

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